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Zhuji Fenghua Film factory locates in the Old City of Yue ,Xishi hometown called Zhuji.The railway from Zhejiang go Jiangxi ,the freeway from Hangzhou,Jinhua to Quzhou and the highway from Jinhua to Hangzhou all across the city of Zhuji.It is far from Shanghai about 200 milimeters,Hangzhou 70 milemeters,and far from Xiaoshan international Ariport about 50 milimeters Zhuji Fenghua film factory is the first domestic factory specializing in producing EVA solar cell film .Ourproduct is based on the American Dupont solar cell seal film .we have good technical corporation with Shanghai JiaoTong University,Xian JiaoTong University ,Xian JiaoTong University and innovate with them all the time.At present our company has the widest product line of EVA Solar Rubber Film in China and the annual production is up to more than two million square meters.

Our company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality control system authentication in 2001.Solar cell sealed by our film has received test and out doors application for more than ten years and obtained massive user during the implementation of national for more than ten ywars and obtained massived uses during the implementation of national bright project in 2002 .Because its stable performance and reasonable price ,our product has received deep favor from vavor from variousdomestic solar cell factories in the past more than ten years.


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